Fishing on Little Rock Air Force Base

The 37-acre and 3-acre base lakes, and other small ponds provide fishing opportunities at the base. These lakes support a game fishery composed of channel catfish, largemouth bass, black crappie and bluegill sunfish. The small base lake is stocked annually with rainbow trout in the winter and channel catfish in the summer as a part of AGFC’s urban fishing program. Please note ALL AGFC rules and regulations apply when fishing on Little Rock AFB. 

All hunting and fishing at Little Rock AFB is in accordance with the AR Game and Fish Commission laws/regulations. In addition, all personnel who hunt or fish on base are required to purchase a base permit, which must be attached to the State of Arkansas license. The base law enforcement desk serves as the hunter’s check station. It is the policy of the Air Force to permit public access for outdoor recreational purposes to the greatest degree possible, but due to the potential degradation or impairment of environmental qualities, recreational use is limited to military and civilian personnel assigned to the installation.




Throughout 2018-2022 multiple artificial and natural fish structures were constructed and placed in the Big Base Lake. This map indicates approxomate locations. Structure indicated with pink squares were deployed approximately 6 months prior to those indicated by yellow triangles, and are likely to have a more established algae growth for plankton consumption.

 Fish Structure Lake Map!!!Click for map