Hunting on Little Rock Air Force Base

Little Rock AFB offers hunting opportunities for white-tailed deer, rabbit, squirrel, quail, wild turkey, coyotes, and any other game found on the base and in season and legal to hunt in the game zone where the base is located as determined by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission (AGFC). Fall Deer hunting season extends from the last Saturday in September to 28 February, while spring turkey season begins the first week of April and runs to the first week of May. Please note ALL AGFC rules and regulations apply when hunting on Little Rock AFB 

Effective immediately, any guest of a hunter needs to be ran through NCIC if they do not already have a visitors pass or other pass. Due to trusted traveler, this will alleviate wanted persons possibly carrying a weapon on the installation.
Prescibed burning to take place this spring in hunting area 19a please remove all equipment that could be potentially damaged.


BUCKS: 25     DOE: 35

Rule Change effective 2/1/2023 for the 2023-24 Hunting Season if you harvest a coyote and it is verified by the Natural Resource Manager that you killed it on base in any zone it will allow you to forgo the Doe-before-Buck rule!

EOD Youth Hunt Success! 

Congratulations to Emma Widger!!! She harvested a great buck on the EOD youth draw hunt! For all that are interested in the details of how their hunt went this is the story told by her father David. "We drew the afternoon hunt for Jan 1st and watched the weather hoping it would stop raining soon. We signed in at 1420 and were settled into the stand 30 mins later. The rain let up a bit and 20 mins after 2 doe walked out to the edge of the opening. We checked them out and waiting for an opportunity for a better shot. It was a good opportunity for her to practice aiming and being quiet. The rain then picked up and they eased back into the thick stuff. About 20 mins or so the rain stopped completely. We looked around and saw this buck 35 yards out a different window in the shooting lane. We had to switch seats to get her repositioned for the opportunity. She got lined up on him as we discussed shot placement as he was quartered slightly towards us. She asked if she could shoot when ready, I gave her the go ahead and waited what seemed liked forever as I was trying to video out a different window with the cell. She finally fired and the buck dropped in his steps. She shot him about 1548. She yelled I got him before I could say a word. It was a great hunt and we are both thankful for the opportunity. She is 10 and got her crossbow for Christmas since it's easier on the shoulder than the muzzleloader."


Please Click- LRAFB Sportsman Pass print and sign before hunting


Click Here for the 2022-2023 Hunting Rules


Click Here for the 2022-2023 Official Hunting Areas


Click Here for the Turkey Hunting Map 


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Bow hunting will be permitted during youth hunts. ALL hunters are required to wear hunter's orange when hunting gun areas.

Dumping of Deer Carcass

We ask that all hunters please do not dump your deer carcass near the airfield, roadway ditches,road ends or roadways. Please take the time to drag them into the woods 50 yards from the center of the roadway. If they are dumped in such areas the Arkansas Game and Fish can issue a citation as it is a type of littering.


Who Can Hunt at Little Rock AFB?

Hunting and fishing is available to active duty and their dependents, Department of Defense (DoD) employees, DoD retirees and guests of those stated personnel only. Each active duty, dependent, DoD employee and DoD retiree is permitted and responsible for one guest who must also hunt in the same area. All guest hunters must have a guest base hunting permit and follow all safety requirements.



What is Required to Hunt on Little Rock AFB?

  1. A printed copy of hunting rules.
  2. A current Arkansas hunting license
  3. A current base hunting permit.
  4. LRAFB Hunting Parking Permit
  5. If born after 1968, proof of completion of the state 10-hour hunter safety course or proof of completion of another state-approved hunter safety course.


What Can You Hunt With on Little Rock AFB?

Shotgun (slugs and pellets smaller than buckshot are permitted, while no buckshot is allowed), muzzleloader and bow (traditional and compound bows, as well as crossbows) are allowed. Rifles of any kind, either rimfire or centerfire, and handguns of any caliber are not permitted on Little Rock AFB.


REMINDER: If you are in hunting areas 13, 15, or 16 you must keep 75 yards away from the riding club/stables area! Keep in mind if using a calling device you could be spooking the horses in the riding club/stables area.


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To view a printable copy of the LRAFB Hunting Parking Permit, a copy of which must be in your dash at all times while hunting on the base,Click here


 Click Here: 2022-23 EOD Youth Hunt Application